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Share your birth story with other Mums living abroad.

Sharing could really help another mum-to-be feel less anxious about her own labour and birth.


Being a parent can be hard work but also very rewarding -  share your experiences.

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Read what other mums think of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting abroad.

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Mums in Spain is an online community of international mothers who want to share what parenting abroad is really like. You don't have to be an accomplished writer, you just need to be a mum! We’d love you to join in!
You also don't have to be in Spain! You'll notice that this site is now for mums all over the world who are living abroad.

If you’re anything like us, your head is probably full of thoughts on life and motherhood that you want to share with others. Anecdotes from life-with-kids, thoughts about cultural differences, or big views on parenthood and how a second language, that you are either fluent in or not, impacts your day to day life.

Whether you work, or you look after your little ones 24/7; whether you’re a first time writer or a blogger, If you have one story to share or a thousand, wherever you are parenting in the world – we bet you have something brilliant to say.

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There's more......if you like you can also be a part of our blog Community (it's optional but we'd love you to!):

• Your blog writing and/or birth story will be shared with our fabulous community of mums abroad.
• You can submit entries directly to our site with your own log in
• You don’t have worry about keeping a blog updated constantly. Add content whenever you feel like it!

If you prefer to contribute to the site annonymously or with a "username", no problem at all! Register as normal and a member of Mums in Spain will contact you via email for more details.

You’ll instantly be able to submit features directly to the site. You’ll have your own post page with your byline photo and biography, which you can share directly. We don’t ask for original content, so we don’t mind if your posts have appeared elsewhere. If needs be, your copy will be edited and finessed by the Mums in Spain team.


So don’t be shy. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. We believe that the more of us that share what we’re really thinking the easier this parenthood lark will feel, especially for new mums nervous about giving birth or those first precious months. Your words will undoubtedly inspire, humour and reassure readers, leaving them either nodding in agreement, cracking up with laughter or shedding the odd tear.

Any questions please email me: claire(at)

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